Hair Black or White

The  Hair Industry is very viable economically and will always be.  It takes nine months to a year to graduate, 85% of 100 graduate and 75% working in salons and 25% are working from home.

The industry is and has always been black or white, even the products. Now manufactures are designing hair care products that anyone can use. Example Wen Hair Care is establishing a reputation that their products are for anyone.  Whether its Afros or Weaves of the week hair has long had the power to set trends and reflect societal attitudes.

In 1444 Europeans trade on the west coast of Africa with people wearing elaborate hairstyles, including locks, plaits and twists. Authors describe a time when black barbers served White clientele and were unwilling to service Black clientele.

Here we are today 2012 and we are still separated in this industry. It is an ideal time to explore how we Phoenix Focus Hair Expo will bring together this industry by standing on diversity.  Here is a quote used by Edmond Murray & Assoc. PLLC., that  diversity, when utilized correctly, positively impacts the bottom line of an organization in its ability to view the business differently, open new resources, expand market share and it’s ability to act as a preventative measure for costly mistakes, bad publicity and unwarranted discrimination law suits.

Phoenix Focus Hair Expo is a Trade Show that stands on diversity.  Giving you the opportunity to be connected with a growing networking solution that is a key marketing component and sales mechanism helping to produce more revenue.

If you’re in the business of hair and have a product or just want to let people know about your business, then Phoenix Focus Hair Expo is where you want to be.  Our doors will open and will bring over two thousand and more attendees to your booth. Attendees have buying power,and  making decisions are higher, because competition in one place allows comparison shopping.

Phoenix Focus Hair Expo will held in Phoenix Arizona on April 7-8, 2013, at the Phoenix Convention Center located at 100 N. 3rd. Street, Phoenix,Arizona.   For registration and more information, go to  or  call the office  at 623-399-9212.

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